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At House of Tiles, we are one of the biggest retailers of hardwood flooring in Palm Coast. We are one of the oldest and the most reputable stores in Palm Coast that specializes in selling hardwood flooring. Unlike other Palm Coast-based stores, we offer discounts up to 60% on materials. This means that you can save anything between 40 to 60% when you purchase hardwood flooring from our Palm Coast outlet. Our flooring specialists, having years of experience and armed with the state of the art equipment, will complete the hardwood flooring job of your Palm Coast residence to your satisfaction. We also offer the best quality tile flooring in the Palm Coast area. We are known in our community in Palm Coast as the leaders in hardwood flooring and are reputed to restore old wood floors so that they look like new.

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Citizens of Palm Coast will not believe their eyes when they see the pocket-friendly prices we charge for hardwood flooring. We also offer custom tile flooring to Palm Coast residents. You can depend on us for kitchen remodeling in Palm Coast too. Our Palm Coast specialists check each hardwood flooring carefully for defects before handing it back to our clients. We offer on site finishes in Palm Coast in either high gloss or matte, depending on your choice. Visit our Palm Coast showroom if you are looking for the best in custom kitchen cabinets or need kitchen remodeling. Why waste money by depending on other suppliers in Palm Coast, when you can rely on us to provide you the best quality floorings at down to earth prices? Contact us today for more details.